This week end!

This Saturday is a big craft show!!!! It takes place right in the middle of the Norman Music Festival. Lots of things to tingle those senses. Music to hear, food to eat, crafts to see and feel and BUY! Any of you in the Norman Oklahoma area try and come out. I will have a booth with my talented daughter, Promise of  . We would love to share our crafts and to visit with you.  Get out there, enjoy and get some ideas so you can go back home a get crafty also.  Until then, Love God, Have Fun and Keep your Socks Clean!!

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April Showers bring out crafters

This month we set up our canopy at various craft shows in hopes of awing all those who enter. I live in Oklahoma an you never know what the weather may bring but the sale must go on. I have recently been making some hackey  sacks of various kinds.  The Oklahoma City Thunder are so popular here that I have made some in their homage .

Thunder up!!!!


Fun to hold , toss, squeeze and if you have the ability to actually play hackey sack–perfect!


Do you prefer sand or pellets? I know that people are really choosy sometimes.

Thinking of new ideas is sometimes is a challenge.  How do you inspire yourself I would love your ideas.  Until next time Love God, Have Fun and keep your Socks Clean!




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craft season

I am getting ready.  The crafting season is upon me. Warmer weather,  Spring things to buy and make and make and make!!! I am making sunglasses case. Or you could use them for regular glasses or anything that fits. They are lined and bright and happy. I have more pictures in my gallery. I am also making jewelry.bracelets  and earrings!! Fun to make and I love to wear them also. Hope to see you out and about this season. What do you look for at craft shows?  Handmade? Unique? traditional?  I would like to know.

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2012 new ideas

Well, I made it through the holidays and even Valentine’s day. It is time to get ready for the 2012 craft season. I have a few ideas I have made into reality and a few more in the working process. I have learned the basics of knitting and now I need to practice.  Crocheting comes easier though so I usually default to it.go-ape-baby-rattle-hand-site This is a sock monkey baby rattle.  Fun to shake and soft also. I can make it with safety eyes or embroidered. I also made some sock monkey toilet paper roll covers—sock-monkey-tp-cover-front-and-bottom-site—so fun! I am working on some new jewelry ideas too. You will see those in a later blog. I live in Oklahoma so you never know what the weather will be . It could be a cold, snowy or wet day.  I will want to stay in and craft or it could be  beautiful outside and I want to do anything BUT craft. Every day a mistery.  I wonder what the Mayan’s did for crafts. Does anyone know? I would like to know some so I could make them in 2012. I think the rock they put theer calendar on just ran out of room and they could not find one big enough to continue on so they just stopped it at 2012. What do you think?  Well, Enjoy your day everyone! Check out the new stuff on my page under products. Until next time — Love God, Have Fun, and Keep Your Socks Clean!

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Learning something new

It is that in between time for me.  Next Craft sale is in March. I am trying to make some new things for that and some faves. I also decided I want to learn to knit.  Learning something new is suppose to keep your mind sharp.  At my age I am determined to do all I can to support this idea.  Being a crocheter I find I am challenged by knitting. It is using two needles instead of one hook.  And don’t get me started on those double pointed needle things.  I will persist though! Determination is my mantra.

I have inserted a picture of my husband , Larry. As you can see he is a BIG  New England Patriots fan. for Christmas I made him some special fingerless gloves. They are sized for a large hand. I can also make them in ladies sizes and kids. He really likes them and wears them all the time!Well I am off to finish some projects and hopefully knit a little. Enjoy your day, and remember: Love God, Have Fun and keep your Socks Clean!


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2012—-wow, I made it!

I thought 2011 was a long year yet it went fast. Does that make sense. It seems like yesterday I was sitting at my mom’s hospital bed, crying through the night and praying. After hours of emotion I finally knew it was time to let her go. She was 97 and the finest lady I have ever known. It has taken me a year and I think I am ready to move on. It has always been “mom and me”  She raised me as a single parent. My brother was 17 years older than me so I never really knew him personally.

Even after husbands (yes that was suppose to be plural) and kids, mom and I had a special bond. It was probably quite co- dependent, but normal to me. I say this because when I said I was ready to move on it means move on by myself. Mom was always there for me, an anchor and support.  She lived with us the last 10 years of her life.  That empty spot left that she occupied is a big one but one she would never want me to focus on. So I enter a new phase of life and I expect good thing to happen. I want to expand my craft business and possibly open my beauty salon again. I am trusting God to help and guide me. I will do what I can do and He will do the rest.  SO…… how was your year?

I am working on some new crochet ideas and am planning on learning to knit. I have pictured my original sock owls. they are made from red heel socks like most of my sock monkeys are. The are so ugly they are cute–and soft– and fun! They will make you HOOT!



I revamped my sock monkey fingerless gloves. (pictured left). They are fun to wear and warm.  Your fingers are free to do whatever fingers do.  That is a great option in this age of texting and apps.


I have been making hacky sacks. My son is in college and has renewed his interest in this past time. Pictured right is my sock monkey hacky sack. They come pellet filled or sand filled.  They work great and are just fun to have.  Even if you don’t play hacky sack they are squeeze y  fun!

Well that is all for now. Send me your thoughts and ideas. Happy New Year everyone. Be blessed and creative.  Reach out and reach within.  Love God , have fun and keep those socks clean!


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It’s that time again. Holidays!!!! They came faster this time didn’t they? I am sure they did. All I have done is make stuff, make stuff, make stuff. Today I will cook, tomorrow go to my daughters and cook and Thursday eat. Then, Friday–make more stuff–Saturday, SELL!! How are your Holidays starting? In Oklahoma it is cold one day, warm the next, earthquake one day, tornado the next. Never a dull moment here. I hope you are inspired and blessed this season. Enjoy it. Take it in. Stress and all! It goes quickly. More next time, I gotta go, you know and Make STUFF!!!!

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tis the season

The holiday season starts early for crafters.  It is the best motivation. Craft shows to get ready for, gifts to make, new ideas to perfect etc…  We are still hoping for the NBA to happen this year.  I am making Thunder monkeys and staying positive:Here are some fun monkey head balls I made. They are great to relieve stress and just make your giggle. I am planning on making these in hacky sack form soon also!
I have many upcoming things to prepare for. It seems like all I am doing is sewing or crocheting.  It is hard to even sit in church. I feel like my hands need to be moving or making SOMETHING. How about you? Are you getting busier too?  Keep reading, I am going to insert a lot of my new pics. Do you like sushi? Here is a way to always have it around. Fresh, well preserved any way… They are keychains!…………………………………….

…..Now here is a beauty —she was specially made for a girl in the Miss Oklahoma Teen Pageant. Pink and Proud!

I have made angels, pirates and vampires. I recently was commissioned to make a rock star monkey. Piercings and tattoos included! They are so much fun. Do you get excited about your creations too? I have heard that true art is in the process. I think I understand that statement. While I am making an idea come to pass, the process is so exciting! And then there it is -the end result.  I now find myself thinking about the next thing I want to make.

I also make traditional sock monkeys. I found one in my Aunt Mary’s closet when I was just a little girl. I was so fascinated by it that I never forgot it. I finally learned how to make them 3 years ago and have been making them ever since.   I recently created a pattern to make owls out of the red heel socks that I make many of my monkeys from. I will post pics of those as soon as I go get batteries for my camera.  I will also post pics of the monkey cell phone holders I designed.  Until then….Love God , have fun , and keep those SOCKS clean!!!

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Is the weather a direct relation to crafting? It has been so hot hear in Oklahoma that walking from the store to my car makes me break out in a sweat. I ‘m not nervous or scared-just plain hot. When it is 105* outside it is hard for my brain to be creative.  By the time I do my daily routine It is the couch and A.C. I want. Hopefully I can press on through and keep making the things I love and sell. If they made yarn that was frozen and still pliable I could make and not bake.   Here is some cat ears I crochet on my son Nathan. We were at a craft show and Hot!  Laughing is cool so it helped. You can tell how thrilled he is to model for me.  He is a good sport.

What do you do to stay creative and motivated. I would love to hear some ideas. Til then stay cool!

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summer heat it up!

It has been a while since I have blogged. (who invented that term by the way , anyone?). It is soooo hot here in Oklahoma that I feel like the witch in the Wizard of Oz–everyone say it with me..” I’m melting , I’m melting”  I have been crocheting water bottle holders or cozies They are sock monkeys of course. I have also been working on OKC Thunder sock monkeys since they did so well this season and I live in Oklahoma. We are very proud of our NBA team here. Aren’t they fabulous? What have you been creating this summer? I would love to know.

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