Summer madness

It has been ages since I have made a post. I am having some problems adding new pictures to my Gallery. I plan on figuring it out. Until then go to my facebook page: Go Ape by Sue to see new pics of my creations. There are classic ones there also from the past. I still love crafting. It almost seems like I can’t craft. There are those that argue that crafters are not artists. I disagree.  I may not be able to draw a face or paint a beautiful landscape but I can make a great sock monkey and design a crocheted item like no ones business. It seems to be inate in me. I have to make something or paint or do. Isn’t that where art begins? In the mind and soul of the individual. It is then expressed however they can physically produce it. I may not be as talented as some or as skilled. I am however, an artist.

Until next time, Love God, Have Fun, & Keep your Socks Clean!



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