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in a fine state neck tealHi, and welcome to my site. I have started many new projects since I last wrote. As you may know I live in Oklahoma. This year we experienced several weather disasters that produced extreme damage in many areas of the state. I had started making several things to show my love for this state before this happened. Since these storms I have decided that 10% of all my sales of my [In A Fine ‘State’] line will go to the relief efforts for these areas that were affected.  I make necklaces, bracelets,pins and hair clips

similar to the one pictured.  Each one  is unique in color etc.

Checkout my photos in my gallery. If you see anything you

want to buy send me a message. I also have an Etsy store.  Check it out. If you don’t see what you want then email me. I also have a Face book page.  Go ape by Sue.  I make sock monkeys too, Thus the ” Go Ape”  part.  state bracelets 2

In a fine state ties





Remeber, Love God, Have Fun, and Keep your Socks Clean!

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