How about that?

How about what , you say? I have a web page and keep forgetting to write on it. So silly to not make use of something useful. ¿ I have made several new things and still have many ideas rolling around in my brain. I need to get them in 3D form. Here is a pic of a Valentine sock monkey: Back

valentine sock monkey

This heart is yours


Here is the front. Holidays are a hard one for me to craft for. How about you? Planning ahead is the key. Not knowing how much to create can be a problem.  Should I make something for St Patrick’s Day or Presidents Day?

Do people give gifts on those days , or just wear green or red white and blue? Oh well, I will figure it out eventually. Making stuff makes me happy so I guess that is the real goal. How about that? Talked myself happy. Until next time– I have added pictures in my galleries. Check them out.

Love God, Have Fun, & Keep your Socks Clean!–Sue

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