I was talking with my daughter the other day about progression in life.  We live in a society of instant gratification. Fast food, fast travel, and dvr recordings, just so we don’t have to suffer through commercials.  We all want it NOW.  I have discovered that most real  experiences of substance and of things that last in life come through a progression. Progression is a series of steps of learning and of experience. In other words- growth takes time.  This might not sound like fun, but it does create things that last.   When you progress in your life, whether it be in business, family, relationships or self,  you establish ideas and points of success that can then be shared and repeated.  It creates a foundation that will last and not crumble.  I started making sock monkeys about 4 years ago.   I then learned to crochet.  Soon, Go Ape by Sue was birthed.  Not long ago, I actually sent an order to Australia. Who know where things will be in 4 more years!  I guess I said all this to say–Don’t dismiss small beginnings.  Hang in there and don’t give up! Not every one will like your creations, but many will.  The inner voice of your creative soul, that urges you to create is something to follow.  Nurture and train it.  Practice and expand and never stop being teachable. It will pay off and it will be worth it. As I sit a midst all my yarn and hooks and thread and scraps, I write to encourage not only you but myself.  The Holidays are here and the stress of the good and bad of it all hover around me. Another year, another chance, another turkey and another way to grow.  “Should of , could of,”  loom in my head, but they do not win. I never quit, and I  did what I could and trusted God to do the rest.  If I can truly say this, then this year has been a success!

Enough of my ramblings–here are some of my recent creations:   OU  hat-

 OSU ear warmer :


I also have made bracelets, new sock monkeys and dinosaur pins.   How did I get from sock monkeys to dinosaur pins?–progression.  Until next time–Love God , Have Fun, and   Keep your Socks Clean!

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