It seems like forever since I last blogged. Wow- time speeds up as I get older. It doesn’t actually , but you know–perception and all. I have made a few new things since we last spoke or were spoken to. Are there any Dr Who fans out there? I am sort of a geek about the show. I started watching in the 7o’s. I was only 2 at the time. (big lie)  I was so stoked when they brought the show back a few years ago. Anyway–I made Dr Who hats. I started with someone else’s pattern: (Acquanetta Ferguson  I then adapted it to my own. I do that a lot.  there is always something I want to do different or something to add etc.  Do any of you crocheters do the same?  This is the front of the one with ear flaps:

The Tardis, as you know is the Dr’s time traveling space ship.  Cleverly disguised as a phone box ( only in the UK)     he can land anywhere, anytime.

I added a question mark to the back.  Who is the Dr., really?

After making this hat , I had an idea for other hats.   A friend asked for an Oklahoma State hat and wanted the colors a certain way. I made it and it turned out awesome.



I plan on making an OU one and an Oklahoma Thunder one also. It is amazing how many ideas bloom from one pattern. Art seems to be a progression.   Or at least the creative process is for me.   One idea leads to another and so on. These finished products started as ideas from someone else and then ended up as mine. Maybe they will inspire you to do something. The creative process continues….. Until next time: Love God , Have Fun and keep those socks clean!

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