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My last post was about summer being upon me.. Then Suddenly–I see school supplies in the stores. WHAT? That went by way to fast.  Here in Oklahoma it is still a scorcher .  Thunder season is over, ( not the weather, the basketball team) . They rocked this year , by the way.  I have been working on special orders and some new ideas.   I have inserted two of my latest requested orders:

This little lady is for a sweet girly girl. She even has her own little monkey to keep her company. Thy buyer requested  initials  to be put on the monkey’s bottom.  Now, the owner will never lose her new buddy.  She also has a hand made, one of a kind possession that will gain value in time. Both in sentiment and in  worth because of it’s originality and because it was a special gift. What do you think?

Special orders are so much fun.  They give me a foundation for creativity but are also boarders to keep me from going crazy on a creation. If you are an artist and or crafter, how do you feel about commissioned pieces or special orders? — I like ’em!  This next request was for a Seattle Sea hawks fan:


He is ready for the game. He even  brought his own ball!  It always makes me happy when I see a finished work.  Sock monkeys are a lot more versatile than you think.   Again the buyer asked for initials on the bottom.

I usually put a patch or something there for a special touch. It is kind of a special surprise.   For the young man who owns this ape, he  can now enjoy his new pal and never have to  worry that  someone will not know who this monkey belongs to. ” Go Hawks”–this ape cries!

I have also been making some dinosaur pins. They are currently in a shop, so I will post some pics when I make more. They are silver and awesome!

Today, I am starting another special order , so I better quit the gab and get to work. Let me know what you think about my work and the way YOU do special orders- if you create.  I am always open to ideas. Until next time: Love God, Have Fun, and Keep You Socks Clean!


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