Summer Heat is on

Wow! It has been a while since I posted. Summer is upon me , The heat has arrived. It always takes me some time to get used to weather changes. I have to also water a LOT more. The OKC Thunder basketball team has actually take up a lot of my viewing and crafting time.  I am really proud of this team. Not only how they play but how they support their community.

Thus the following creative productions —

Thunder Sock Monkeys!!! yay. I so enjoyed making these. They are each different in some way.  I also made some bracelets These have the Oklahoma state on them. I made some with lightning bolts also. I will post more pick in my picture gallery.

Trying to put some new ideas into craft reality this summer also. I am not good at knitting yet so maybe I will set that aside for winter.  Sewing onto hemp has been a challenge.  Figuring out what foot to use is hard. I have broken a few needles in the process.  Oh well–learning is Fun!  That was said in my most sarcastic voice.

I have also taken up doing a few things with paint pens. They are so versatile. I wish I was a better drawer.  Practice , practice, practice as my piano teacher always said.

Here is a pic of me at one of the craft shows my daughter and I do. I love the sign on the tattoo  business right behind my head–NO REGRETS.  ( a great place to go for a tattoo by the way)  As a crafter you go through so many emotions.  Lots of work .  Sales change from good to none and you wonder if it is all worth it. Well, no regrets for me. I shall press on.  Let’s all hang in there.  God has no given me a talent without  a plan for its use.

Enjoy your summer–and hang in there. No regrets people! Have Fun! Love God– And Keep those Socks Clean!!!!

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