Hello out there! It has been a long time since I have posted an update to Go Ape by Sue & Other Stuff Too. I wanted to let you know that for now I am posting new pictures of my creations at go ape by sue on facebook. Feel free to check them out.  You can purchase any of my items and I also do special requests. Just message me on my face book page or email me at tomdsue@yahoo.com.  I hope to hear from you soon!In a fine st buf blue, black,red

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Summer madness

It has been ages since I have made a post. I am having some problems adding new pictures to my Gallery. I plan on figuring it out. Until then go to my facebook page: Go Ape by Sue to see new pics of my creations. There are classic ones there also from the past. I still love crafting. It almost seems like I can’t craft. There are those that argue that crafters are not artists. I disagree.  I may not be able to draw a face or paint a beautiful landscape but I can make a great sock monkey and design a crocheted item like no ones business. It seems to be inate in me. I have to make something or paint or do. Isn’t that where art begins? In the mind and soul of the individual. It is then expressed however they can physically produce it. I may not be as talented as some or as skilled. I am however, an artist.

Until next time, Love God, Have Fun, & Keep your Socks Clean!



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In a Fine ‘State”

Recently, I have been designing and making items that represent the fine state of Oklahoma.  I have lived here most of my life and don’t plan on ever living anywhere else. Hopefully, you will enjoy these items too: I have pictured a few.  Please, just scroll and enjoy!

in a fine state neck tealstate bracelets 2DSCF3414




In a f st buffaloIn a fine st. zip 2






In a fine state tiesDSCF3412












In a f st wm neck
In a fine st hc in hairstate hc and pin

in a f st rwb

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come on and go ape with me

in a fine state neck tealHi, and welcome to my site. I have started many new projects since I last wrote. As you may know I live in Oklahoma. This year we experienced several weather disasters that produced extreme damage in many areas of the state. I had started making several things to show my love for this state before this happened. Since these storms I have decided that 10% of all my sales of my [In A Fine ‘State’] line will go to the relief efforts for these areas that were affected.  I make necklaces, bracelets,pins and hair clips

similar to the one pictured.  Each one  is unique in color etc.

Checkout my photos in my gallery. If you see anything you

want to buy send me a message. I also have an Etsy store.  Check it out. If you don’t see what you want then email me. I also have a Face book page.  Go ape by Sue.  I make sock monkeys too, Thus the ” Go Ape”  part.  state bracelets 2

In a fine state ties





Remeber, Love God, Have Fun, and Keep your Socks Clean!

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Welcome! You have arrived at Go Ape by Sue and Other Stuff Too.  I am Sue and this is my site. Here is where I post pictures of my creations,  ideas I have,  and other various facts and feats.

Click on ‘Products’ to see many of my items. You can choose from Sock Monkeys or Other Stuff . Browse through all the galleries and enjoy. I also have an Etsy store at tomdsue.etsy.com.  And if you get on face book please like my page. It is ‘Go Ape by Sue’. I have many pictures of my creations there also!  Remember: Love God, Have Fun and Keep your Socks Clean! —-Sue

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How about that?

How about what , you say? I have a web page and keep forgetting to write on it. So silly to not make use of something useful. ¿ I have made several new things and still have many ideas rolling around in my brain. I need to get them in 3D form. Here is a pic of a Valentine sock monkey: Back

valentine sock monkey

This heart is yours


Here is the front. Holidays are a hard one for me to craft for. How about you? Planning ahead is the key. Not knowing how much to create can be a problem.  Should I make something for St Patrick’s Day or Presidents Day?

Do people give gifts on those days , or just wear green or red white and blue? Oh well, I will figure it out eventually. Making stuff makes me happy so I guess that is the real goal. How about that? Talked myself happy. Until next time– I have added pictures in my galleries. Check them out.

Love God, Have Fun, & Keep your Socks Clean!–Sue

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I was talking with my daughter the other day about progression in life.  We live in a society of instant gratification. Fast food, fast travel, and dvr recordings, just so we don’t have to suffer through commercials.  We all want it NOW.  I have discovered that most real  experiences of substance and of things that last in life come through a progression. Progression is a series of steps of learning and of experience. In other words- growth takes time.  This might not sound like fun, but it does create things that last.   When you progress in your life, whether it be in business, family, relationships or self,  you establish ideas and points of success that can then be shared and repeated.  It creates a foundation that will last and not crumble.  I started making sock monkeys about 4 years ago.   I then learned to crochet.  Soon, Go Ape by Sue was birthed.  Not long ago, I actually sent an order to Australia. Who know where things will be in 4 more years!  I guess I said all this to say–Don’t dismiss small beginnings.  Hang in there and don’t give up! Not every one will like your creations, but many will.  The inner voice of your creative soul, that urges you to create is something to follow.  Nurture and train it.  Practice and expand and never stop being teachable. It will pay off and it will be worth it. As I sit a midst all my yarn and hooks and thread and scraps, I write to encourage not only you but myself.  The Holidays are here and the stress of the good and bad of it all hover around me. Another year, another chance, another turkey and another way to grow.  “Should of , could of,”  loom in my head, but they do not win. I never quit, and I  did what I could and trusted God to do the rest.  If I can truly say this, then this year has been a success!

Enough of my ramblings–here are some of my recent creations:   OU  hat-

 OSU ear warmer :


I also have made bracelets, new sock monkeys and dinosaur pins.   How did I get from sock monkeys to dinosaur pins?–progression.  Until next time–Love God , Have Fun, and   Keep your Socks Clean!

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It seems like forever since I last blogged. Wow- time speeds up as I get older. It doesn’t actually , but you know–perception and all. I have made a few new things since we last spoke or were spoken to. Are there any Dr Who fans out there? I am sort of a geek about the show. I started watching in the 7o’s. I was only 2 at the time. (big lie)  I was so stoked when they brought the show back a few years ago. Anyway–I made Dr Who hats. I started with someone else’s pattern: (Acquanetta Ferguson  www.eeexaminer.co)  I then adapted it to my own. I do that a lot.  there is always something I want to do different or something to add etc.  Do any of you crocheters do the same?  This is the front of the one with ear flaps:

The Tardis, as you know is the Dr’s time traveling space ship.  Cleverly disguised as a phone box ( only in the UK)     he can land anywhere, anytime.

I added a question mark to the back.  Who is the Dr., really?

After making this hat , I had an idea for other hats.   A friend asked for an Oklahoma State hat and wanted the colors a certain way. I made it and it turned out awesome.



I plan on making an OU one and an Oklahoma Thunder one also. It is amazing how many ideas bloom from one pattern. Art seems to be a progression.   Or at least the creative process is for me.   One idea leads to another and so on. These finished products started as ideas from someone else and then ended up as mine. Maybe they will inspire you to do something. The creative process continues….. Until next time: Love God , Have Fun and keep those socks clean!

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special orders

My last post was about summer being upon me.. Then Suddenly–I see school supplies in the stores. WHAT? That went by way to fast.  Here in Oklahoma it is still a scorcher .  Thunder season is over, ( not the weather, the basketball team) . They rocked this year , by the way.  I have been working on special orders and some new ideas.   I have inserted two of my latest requested orders:

This little lady is for a sweet girly girl. She even has her own little monkey to keep her company. Thy buyer requested  initials  to be put on the monkey’s bottom.  Now, the owner will never lose her new buddy.  She also has a hand made, one of a kind possession that will gain value in time. Both in sentiment and in  worth because of it’s originality and because it was a special gift. What do you think?

Special orders are so much fun.  They give me a foundation for creativity but are also boarders to keep me from going crazy on a creation. If you are an artist and or crafter, how do you feel about commissioned pieces or special orders? — I like ’em!  This next request was for a Seattle Sea hawks fan:


He is ready for the game. He even  brought his own ball!  It always makes me happy when I see a finished work.  Sock monkeys are a lot more versatile than you think.   Again the buyer asked for initials on the bottom.

I usually put a patch or something there for a special touch. It is kind of a special surprise.   For the young man who owns this ape, he  can now enjoy his new pal and never have to  worry that  someone will not know who this monkey belongs to. ” Go Hawks”–this ape cries!

I have also been making some dinosaur pins. They are currently in a shop, so I will post some pics when I make more. They are silver and awesome!

Today, I am starting another special order , so I better quit the gab and get to work. Let me know what you think about my work and the way YOU do special orders- if you create.  I am always open to ideas. Until next time: Love God, Have Fun, and Keep You Socks Clean!


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Summer Heat is on

Wow! It has been a while since I posted. Summer is upon me , The heat has arrived. It always takes me some time to get used to weather changes. I have to also water a LOT more. The OKC Thunder basketball team has actually take up a lot of my viewing and crafting time.  I am really proud of this team. Not only how they play but how they support their community.

Thus the following creative productions —

Thunder Sock Monkeys!!! yay. I so enjoyed making these. They are each different in some way.  I also made some bracelets These have the Oklahoma state on them. I made some with lightning bolts also. I will post more pick in my picture gallery.

Trying to put some new ideas into craft reality this summer also. I am not good at knitting yet so maybe I will set that aside for winter.  Sewing onto hemp has been a challenge.  Figuring out what foot to use is hard. I have broken a few needles in the process.  Oh well–learning is Fun!  That was said in my most sarcastic voice.

I have also taken up doing a few things with paint pens. They are so versatile. I wish I was a better drawer.  Practice , practice, practice as my piano teacher always said.

Here is a pic of me at one of the craft shows my daughter and I do. I love the sign on the tattoo  business right behind my head–NO REGRETS.  ( a great place to go for a tattoo by the way)  As a crafter you go through so many emotions.  Lots of work .  Sales change from good to none and you wonder if it is all worth it. Well, no regrets for me. I shall press on.  Let’s all hang in there.  God has no given me a talent without  a plan for its use.

Enjoy your summer–and hang in there. No regrets people! Have Fun! Love God– And Keep those Socks Clean!!!!

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